From St Kilda To Kings Cross

A completed PhD investigating the geography of live music in Sydney and Melbourne between the 1980s and 2000s.

Link to interview on Sydney radio 2ser


Hi everyone –

Here’s a link to my phone interview with Joel on Sydney radio 2SER this Halloween morning!

It’s been great to have interest from Sydneysiders, with a few new comments and links this week. I really appreciate it as obviously as it can feel presumptuous to write about a city which I haven’t lived in. But having spent a lot of time looking at old magazines and newspapers, sorting through thousands of gig listings, and listening back to musician interviews (sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and usually somewhere in between), I like to think I’ve gotten my head around Sydney enough to at least clarify what seems more difficult about being a musician there, and when this started to be the case.

As I say – or attempt to say – in this interview, it is certainly not a basket case of a music scene, but I can appreciate the sort of work required to keep momentum on an individual level up there. I think there’s a really interesting story to be found in the Sydney live music scene over the years, and that part of the nature of this story is that there aren’t many long termers around to tell it, so I’m happy to help even though I’m not good on the phone 🙂


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