From St Kilda To Kings Cross

A completed PhD investigating the geography of live music in Sydney and Melbourne between the 1980s and 2000s.

Interview for ABC Melbourne

Hi everyone –

Here I am in an ABC Online article, pictured outside the Chevron apartment complex, formerly the Chevron Hotel (and host to the most gigs in Melbourne in 1983).

Thanks to Simon at the ABC for distilling the different themes so effectively.

I also talked on Red Symon’s breakfast show on ABC 774 this morning. It’s very nice that people are taking an interest and I have also enjoyed the conversations that have come up with regards to the demise of suburban circuits.

Of course inner city music has existed over several decades but this other half of the equation, that has quietly slipped off stage since the 1980s, I feel is an important part of the big picture and can help understand more recent conflicts. Clustering is a survival mechanism and can be fun and vibrant, but also a source of vulnerability with nowhere else to go (except festivals, which have a capacity limit too). Things weren’t all good in the “olden days” – drink driving, for instance, or a 9% participation rate for women – but things like, say, getting paid or spending less than half your musical career on the computer, were kind of cool.

Me on ABC


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