From St Kilda To Kings Cross

A completed PhD investigating the geography of live music in Sydney and Melbourne between the 1980s and 2000s.

interview on “My Friend…Does Stuff” podcast

“Ever wondered what on earth your friend does all day when they’re not hanging out with you? To them it’s just daily life but I have some friends that do some pretty amazing stuff.”
– Evan Robertson

Hi everyone –

Have a listen to my friend Evan Robertson’s very entertaining new podcast, “My Friend…Does Stuff”.

I’m the interviewee in Episode Four.

The format of the podcast involves Evan and I sitting down for a chat about maps, music, elections and other databases, and explaining, more or less, how I came to do what I do and what this involves on a day to day basis. I know from listening to the preceding three episodes of Evan’s podcast that it is, indeed, very interesting and informative to hear about what people do all day, because for the most part it is a great mystery. The preceding three episodes cover Oxfam, TV set design, and English teaching, all of which I now know 90% more about than I did before. Hopefully I have added to this great group but I don’t yet because I’m too scared to listen to my own talking voice. I’ll get there!

You can also download the episodes on iTunes.





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This entry was posted on November 2, 2015 by in General Interest.

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