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A completed PhD investigating the geography of live music in Sydney and Melbourne between the 1980s and 2000s.

Talking at: “After The Carlton Inn: Heritage Protection in a Development Boom”, RMIT, Thursday 17th November

Hi everyone –

I will be one of the speakers at this event organized by the RMIT Centre for Urban Research, on Thursday 17th November, 5:30pm-7:30pm, at the RMIT Swanston Academic Building (445 Swanston Street).

My talk will relate to the live music history of the Corkman Hotel, Carlton (formerly known as the Carlton Inn, now known as a controversial demolition site). I’ll also include some broader information on live music history in the surprisingly quiet inner city suburb of Carlton. Other speakers will talk about the heritage and planning implications of the “cowboy” demolition.

More details below after these funny (and not so funny) pictures.


Irish music session at the Corkman Hotel, Carlton, 2013.


A jam of a different kind – the Corkman site today.


World Class Wrecking Cru (Dr Dre’s original band) – most definitely not a good description for the wrecking crew who did a number on the Corkman Hotel. 

The illegal demolition of the Corkman (Carlton Inn) to make way for an apartment block raises questions about the protection of built heritage during a time of rapid urban change.

Victoria was the first Australian state to enact legislation protecting historic buildings and sites, influencing local governments like the City of Melbourne to develop their own planning controls in heritage areas.
However, Melbourne’s development boom may now be challenging the effectiveness of these controls. The seemingly unrestrained actions of industry ‘cowboys’ suggest that penalties are easily absorbed within the windfall profits from apartment construction. Does the furious response from local officials, Melbourne residents and unions to the Corkman demolition, though, signal a new phase of heritage activism? 
This pubic forum hosted by the RMIT Centre for Urban Research brings together heritage professionals, local government officials, planners and academics to analyse the context and implications of the Corkman demolition. 

Speakers will briefly discuss the issue from the perspective of expertise and audience members are invited to ask questions. 

There are more details at the Eventbrite Link


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